How to Eat Lighter Meals

December 27, 2019

how to eat lighter meals

With nutrition month right around the corner it’s time to think of how we can improve our daily eating habits. It can go from a small, to a drastic change depending on how happy you feel about your meal plan. To make light changes, you can reduce some ingredients or simply switch them for equivalents.

Reducing Fat

Most of our meals contain some unnecessary or unwanted fats. For example, most cheeses contain in between 20% and 35% of fat which can be exchanged for an 18% fat cheese if you take the light version. Mayonnaise can be switched to plain yogurt in order to have the same texture and creamy feel.

It’s also a good idea to marinate your meat before cooking it instead of adding some sauce after hand. Choosing your meat cuts properly can help you reduce the amount of fat you are eating daily. White meats and fishes contain less fat and can be a better choice. If you can’t go without your red meats, choose leaner cuts. Don’t be shy to ask your butcher for some advice.

Some fats shouldn’t be taken away from your daily eating habits. The good fats such as the ones in olive oil, avocado and nuts for example, should be eaten every day.

Less Salt – More Spices         

You should trade all high-sodium foods for spices that contain less salt or even pepper. If you do the right mixes it can only improve the taste! If you make your own dips and sauces, they will definitely contain less fat and salt that the ones bought at the grocery store. The recipes are usually very simple and don’t require many ingredients.

Choose the Lighter or Better Option

Before making any drastic changes to your menus, choose your ingredients carefully. It’s all about choosing the better version of the food you want. For example, grab a 0% yogurt instead of your regular product or switch from white bread to wholegrain. Preparing some freshly cut fruits and vegetables for your snacks is a great way to avoid eating unhealthy treats. NGrava offers just the right cutting boards to get you back in the kitchen!

If you have the tendency of eating really fast, you might be over eating without noticing. Taking the time to enjoy and chew every bite allows you to notice when you are full. Consider eating smaller portions and only serving yourself a second portion if you are really hungry, not out of greed. All these changes will affect your health and your energy level!

Most of our bad eating habits come from eating out and not caring for what’s inside our foods. Cooking your meals and planning ahead will help you make better choices. Cooking with the right ingredients and the right way will also help you maintain a healthy balance.

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