Guide for a Successful Romantic Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2020

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Why not take advantage of this moment to celebrate your love with the desired being. Although this holiday is a bit commercial, you can emphasize it differently by adding a romantic ritual or tradition that pleases your significant other.

Of course, roses, heart candies and chocolates are a nice gesture, but to become the king or queen of Valentine’s Day, you have to develop something special and unique. Here is a quick guide to help you make a memorable romantic Valentine’s Day.

Try out some aphrodisiac menus

The first rule of thumb is not to serve heavy dishes that are difficult to digest. Many foods are aphrodisiac-inspired, such as oysters, maca, asparagus, salmon, red wine, avocados, vanilla, saffron, truffle and, of course, cocoa. Here are some suggestions for concocting an aphrodisiac menu. The key is also to refine the atmosphere by adding candles, subdued light, soft music and intoxicating smells.

Offer a personalized gift

Although offering a small gift is common, it remains unquestionably a must to please a loved one. If you want to focus on an original, unique and personalized gift, opt for a wooden cutting board engraved with the most beautiful words of love. Some other classics are also fun, such as:

  • Perfume,
  • Chocolate,
  • Lingerie,
  • Jewelry,
  • A trip to the spa,
  • Etc.

Book a table at a chic restaurant

It is quite rare that we take the time to eat in a 5 star restaurant, but it is a different outlet that will allow you to test a refined cuisine. Get out the jacket and tie and go eat in the restaurant that has been catching your eye for a long time!

Organize a brand new activity

For some couples, meals by candlelight are not in their ropes. Why not think outside the box by organizing a different and fun activity? Zipline over a city or a romantic climbing trip will appeal to those with an adventurous soul!

For the Single Ladies and Gentlemen

We haven’t forgotten you! Organize a night out with friends or watch a movie and you'll end the evening by telling yourself that love is also within all the little things in life too!

Hoping that your Valentine's Day party is up to your expectations, make the most of it to tell your loved ones how you truly feel about them!

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