Gadgets Galore – The 6 Best Kitchen Utensils and other Tools

June 12, 2020

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There is an endless list of “useful” kitchen tools that are designed to make cooking easier and more efficient on the market today.  But for most of us, our kitchens simply do not have the space to hold them all!  Instead of filling your kitchen with clutter that will most likely go unused, pick up a few of these essential kitchen utensils and tools that will be used and loved thoroughly.  These all make great gift ideas for family and friends with a new home, newlyweds or those who love to cook!

The Spatula

Toss out the all-metal spatulas and get yourself a silicone one.  This material can handle high heat without the worry of scratching non-stick pans.  Spatulas are useful for flipping burgers, pancakes and cookies so it is worth splurging to get the best type. 

The Cutting Board

A cutting board is used when prepping breakfasts, lunches and dinner so investing in a quality cutting board is important.  Since it gets so much use, taking the time to select an aesthetically pleasing one, such as those with personalized laser engraving done by NGrava.

The Can Opener

It may not be the prettiest utensil in your kitchen but is it functional and everyone needs one at some point.  Buying a cheap can opener may seem worth it but will likely leave you wanting when it fails to open cans after a short time.  This is definitely a tool that is worth paying a few bucks more for a higher quality. 

The Thermometer

If you frequently cook a variety of meat, having an easy to use and accurate thermometer is essential.  Using an instant thermometer is the best way to tell when a piece of meat is at a safe temperature for eating, thus avoiding any contamination. 

The Peeler

A handheld fruit and vegetable peeler is another essential tool that is worth spending a few bucks more on.  Trying to peel vegetables for dinner with a cheap peeling can be frustrating, time consuming and potentially dangerous.  Purchasing a good quality peeler will make life a lot easier and get dinner prepped faster!

The Measuring Cup

Most people think one measuring cup can take care of all measuring needs but that is not true.  Your kitchen should have two sets of measuring cups.  Dry measuring cups, which are meant to be leveled off for accurate measuring and look like large scoopers.  Wet measuring cups, on the other hand, look like the larger, clear cups with measurements on the outside (often in red!).


A multitude of other instruments will be useful in the kitchen. But do not forget that slicing food directly on its counter is not very effective! Visit our online store for wooden cutting boards with custom engraving.

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