The Essentials for a Successful Picnic

July 20, 2017

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The heat, the sun and the green grass are literally pushing us to eat outside. Picnics in the park – or in your yard – bring a relaxing and amusing summer afternoon. We break the traditional meal rules to eat on the floor sitting in Indian, while enjoying nature. It’s the perfect activity for you to gather with friends and family. In order to fully enjoy this moment, the preparation must be done right. A picnic wouldn’t be a picnic without some basic ingredients that make it bear this name. Create a moment of happiness with our list of essentials for a successful picnic!

Choosing the Perfect Destination

The advantage of having a picnic is that it can easily be accomplished almost anywhere. When it comes down to choosing a location, there is no limit. Whether you’re in your backyard, on the side of a lake, in a park, in the mountains or on the beach, your picnic will be just as successful.  You can choose the place according to the activities you want to do. For example, the side of a lake or a beach is the ideal place to enjoy eating while taking a refreshing swim. As for the park, you can enjoy sitting on picnic tables while the children play in the playground.

Bring Some Essential Accessories

A few small items that will help make you picnic the best it can be.

  1. Basket or cooler (or any other bag): A durable basket will allow you to transport your food easily. If you’re travelling a long distance or if you have a lot of food to refrigerate, it is best to put them in a cooler to keep them fresh – especially on a hot day!
  2. Table cloth or large cover: If you intend to set up on the grass, then it’s important to not forget a blanket or table cloth. You can even find some that are specially designed to be placed on the ground due to their impermeability. Otherwise, any one will do.
  3. Hermetic containers: In order to keep your food properly stored, use containers of various sizes. They have the advantage of being reusable and light, while being environmentally friendly.
  4. Dishes and utensils: If your menu allows, you can eat with your fingers. That being said, bringing a few utensils and dishes are often needed for salad.
  5. Hobbies: According to your likes, you can bring some games, such as a volleyball or a Frisbee, or a great book to escape the real world. 

Eating well: The heart of an impeccable picnic

The most enjoyable part of a picnic is definitely the array of different foods you will get to taste. Bring food that is easy to carry and requires little or no preparation. It’s also a good idea to prepare more than the necessary amount. That way people can enjoy it as they please throughout the day. Here are several ideas to create a varied and nutritious meal.

A cutting board will be essential if you bring cheese and bread, as well as to cut some fruits on the spot. Many sizes are available at NGrava, even small ones that will be practical and light. Visit our online shop of wooden cutting boards to choose the one that will simplify your meal. You are now ready for a memorable picnic! 

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