Don’t Show Up Empty Handed: 8 Gifts for the Hostess

December 13, 2017

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Never show up to a Christmas party, dinner or event empty handed, whether they specified to bring something or not. If it’s more of a family get-together, ensure you bring at least one gift for the hostess. These gifts don’t have to be anything big or extravagant, this article will guide you to buying the perfect gift for the hostess planning the event.

1. Personalized Cutting Board by NGrava

Beautiful, personalized and engraved. What more could a hostess ask for? NGrava offers several different models and can do customized engraving in order to give your hostess the gift she’s always wanted.

2. The Catch-all Bag by Trois Fois Par Jour

Perfect for an everyday bag, its iconic design fits perfect with any outfit and is great for carrying all of one’s personal items.

3. The Happiness Box

Containing 365 different quotes, this little box is perfect to bring someone happiness for every day of the year.

4. Bottle of Ice Cider from any SAQ

Ice Cider is like Ice Wine made from the frozen juice of fruit. Showing up with a bottle of Ice Cider is like showing up with any bottle of alcohol, yet more festive and seasonal!

5. Homemade Recipes – Vanilla and Cinnamon Caramel Jars by Ricardo

Perfect for any event, great for any gift. Any hostess would love this delicious recipe perfect for the holidays. For larger gangs, bring enough to serve everyone some when it comes to dessert time, any hostess would love the idea of less work as a gift.

6. David’s Tea Kit

Everyone loves tea and everyone loves David’s Tea. If you are unsure of their favorite flavors, get the basics or ask someone to help you choose.

7. Hand Soap by La Belle Excuse

Perfect and simple yet respectable and used. Soap is always a great gift when you’re trying to find something small.

8. Chocolate from Chocolats Favoris

Everyone loves chocolate, so why not get them the best that’s around? Chocolat Favoris is well known for their excellent chocolate quality and offer great chocolate for reasonable prices.

Remember, for your next party or dinner, never show up empty-handed. With any of these gifts, the hostess is sure to enjoy hosting you most of all. To choose your favorite cutting board design and model, visit NGrava’s online store today!

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