Cooking with A Wooden Cutting Board on the Barbecue: Everything You Need to Know

January 16, 2020

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Untreated wooden cutting boards are ideal for cooking food on the barbecue. During cooking, these boards transfer their aromas to fish, pork and roasts. This method can be used with a gas or coal barbecue. In this article, you will discover all you need to know on how to succeed with cooking on a board. From the type of wood you should be using to the recipe idea.

What Type of Wood to Use?

You can use an untreated wooden board made of cedar, maple, oak or a fruit tree. The board must be at least 1 cm thick (3/8 inch). It is also advised to avoid pine wood as it gives off a bitter smoke when heated.

How to Cook Meat on a Wooden Cutting Board?

First you must begin with submerging the board in water for 4 hours, making sure it’s kept under the water the entire time. If you are cooking salmon, you can soak the board in white wine. If you’re cooking pork, submerging the board in beer is best. Moistening the wood is an essential step in preventing the board from bending. This also provides the necessary moisture for cooking.

After the wood has been soaked, you can rub it with a mixture of salts and herbs, to your preference.

Once this step is complete, install the wooden board on the barbecue grill and heat it well. When you see it beginning to crackle and smoke, place the food on it to begin cooking. There is no need to turn the meat during the cooking. Leave the lid closed to keep the smoke and heat inside. If the board happens to catch fire during cooking, simply pour a little bit of water on it.

After cooking, dip the board under water to stop its combustion. If the board is not too cracked or burnt, you can reuse it.

Recipe Ideas on Wooden Cutting Boards

There is no lack of recipes when it comes to cooking on a wooden board. Our favorite: the salmon recipe on Ricardo’s maple board. With its herb marinade and teriyaki, your salmon will soak up a delicious flavor.

The Final Presentation: Not to Be Overlooked

Although our cutting boards are not recommended for cooking on a barbecue, you can use them to present your food. NGrava offers maple, walnut and cherry woods. Visit our online store for a customized cutting board!

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