How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knife

March 15, 2018

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While many assume kitchen knives are all the same, there are many factors to differentiate them. With various grips, sizes and blades, purchasing your knives should be something you walk into blindly. Knowing what to look for and taking small details into consideration, such as how frequently it will be used, should be thought about before deciding on the best kitchen knife for you.

Details to consider

Different Types

There are several details to keep in mind when choosing the perfect kitchen knife. Firstly, while all knives can cut, that doesn’t mean they all work as well as another. Some knives are great for dicing produce while others are better for delicately slicing bread or cutting into thick pieces of meat. There isn’t just one knife that can do everything, which is why many come as a set. Here are a few more examples of other knives and their function:

A paring knife is great for peeling and de-seeding.

A utility knife is perfect for jobs that are too small for a chef’s knife and too big for a paring knife.

A bread knife, thanks to its ridged blade, allows for gently slicing of soft bread.

A carving knife, if you need to slice any type of meat, this knife is ideal for the job.

Forged and Stamped

Knives are made mainly by two different methods, forging and stamping. Forged knives are made out of steel that has been exposed to extreme heat, making a high-quality blade that is particularly strong, meaning it will be more expensive than its stamped counterpart. Stamped knives have blades punched out of steel. While they aren’t seen as high of quality as a forged knife, there are plenty of them that are excellent choices and get the job done just as well.

Comfort in the Handle

The handle itself is a major asset to consider. You want to make sure it’s comfortable to hold in your hand and isn’t too heavy for you to work with. Handles are commonly constructed out of or with a combination of plastic, metal and wood. This affects the weight and how it feels when holding and using. This can be considered a personal preference, so be sure to try holding a few different designs and types to get a feel for each before deciding which you prefer.

Don’t Forget your Wood Cutting Board

Once you’ve decided on the best kitchen knife for you based on your needs, you want to ensure to protect both the blade and your cutting board, making a hardwood cutting board your best choice. Wood cutting boards are essential in the kitchen, you can pick one that suits your style and even have it engraved at by NGrava. Take a look at our collection to find which design you like best and which matches with your kitchen and knives. Contact us and get cooking today!

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