7 Rules for Common Courtesy as a Wedding Guest

September 14, 2017

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If you’ve been invited to a wedding that is coming up shortly, then this article was made for you. Within the frenzy of the celebration, we quickly think of finding a suit, a ride and the prettiest shoes there are. Although, we can rapidly forget common sense, especially in public. Instead of bringing discontent to the wedding, here are seven tips on being the perfect wedding guest.

1. Answer the invitation quickly

The organization that goes into a wedding is not at all easy. To stop the future newlyweds from being anxious, you should answer the invitation before the date given on whether you will be present or not.

2. Offer a gift

The famous gift! The big, existential question that every wedding guest asks themselves; what do I give the married couple. Forget right now about non-personal and last-minute gifts. The key words are originality, fresh and personalized. Certain couples have a gift list already established, while others prefer money. Remember, the more the gift is personalized, the more impact it will make on the happy couple’s memory.

3. Don’t wear white

This rule is evident, yet many often ignore it. This color is reserved for the bride unless the theme of the wedding is white. On top of that, there is no room for light and seductive outfits either.

4. Don’t bring the kids if they’re not invited

Is the invitation addressed to only you? If so, you go without the kids. Certain couples organize a ceremony without children, and it is important to respect their decision. The same thing applies if you’ve recently fallen into a new relationship; you’re better off not inviting someone who nobody will know.

5. Don’t abuse alcohol during the ceremony

Its easy to lose track of how many drinks you’ve had, especially if its an open bar! As the saying goes, moderation has a much better taste… especially at a wedding. More than just a question of security, you must equally think about your honor and not embarrass the married couple and their guests. Our advice, regulate your consumption, balance it with food and keep hydrated with water.

6. Don’t embarrass the married couple

If you give a speech, do not fall into the trap of humiliating stories of the bride and groom, or worse, settlements. This is their big day and they wish to spend it having fun and sharing beautiful moments with family and friends.

7. Don’t forget to congratulate the newlyweds

When your turn comes, congratulate the couple and their parents politely but don’t keep them for too long. When you leave, don’t forget to say goodbye to married couple either.

Ready to celebrate a new bond?

Now that you know the rules to basic common courtesy of a model guest, and its is now time to arm yourself with your greatest smile and leave celebrating the nicest marriage there is. If you’re still looking for a gift, we know that it’s not always the easiest to find, NGrava offers personalized cutting boards. You can engrave a heartwarming quote that represents the couple or you can even engrave their names. Our team can help you make the moment even more memorable! Visit our online boutique now!

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